It's about what makes your heart beat

Truth is The St Vrain is really more about you than it is about us! That said, we know that everyone enjoys a good love story. 

Who we are

We are Mark and Annie Danielson. Our story is indeed a love story that began 30 years ago when Mark was paid by my Dad to take me on a date. I was all of 25 tender years of age and my Dad thought I had a good chance of becoming a lonely old woman! Needles s to say, his investment paid off and since then we have raised three amazing humans, started, sold and closed several businesses and are still madly in love! (Thanks, Dad!)

Other things we love

We also love the entrepreneurial adventure. Back in the 90s we settled in a small town and started a business with the dream of bringing economic development to our community by giving people a chance to discover and develop skills they may have never known they had. 1992 found us beginning a home decor and gift business named Danielson Designs that would grow to employ hundreds of people over 20+ years and become recognized as a industry leader for design, innovation and manufacturing in the US.

Our passion has always been about helping people live their best lives whether at work or at home. The goal of our businesses was to create a place where people could grow with our business and the heartbeat of our products was always about helping people celebrate the moments that make their own hearts beat!

Funny how doing what you love can be powerful. Call us surprised as 2009 found us recipients of COBiz Magazine's Co CEOs Of The Year, Stevie Awards for most Socially Responsible Business Award for companies under 100 employees and Annie named as Entrepreneurial Woman Of The Year 5M-10M! 

After the crash in 2008 when many of our valued retailers closed their doors, 2012 and 2014 became watershed years that found us selling several brands and closing down others. No one ever said the entrepreneurial adventure was a dull one!

The two people who won all the awards in 2009 were tired. We took some time off to rest, regroup and reset.

During our sabbatical in 2015, we had three kids in our family get married, one being our middle child. So in-between spending time at cooking school in Italy and attending weddings, we got bit by the bug. With the help of,  Hartley Botanica in southern California, owned and operated by Annie's cousin Barb for 20+ years, we began looking for the perfect wedding venue.

(Que angelic music)

During the summer of 2016 we found The St Vrain in old town Longmont nestled in the rich farm country of Boulder County and new in an instant that this was it! So here we are once again, helping people celebrate one of the most important days of their lives! Funny  how powerful the things are that make hearts beat!