It's really more about you...

The St Vrain is really more about you than about us! Our goal is to help you have the day you've always dreamed of!

We've spent countless hours asking ourselves how we can help you have a celebration that is full of ease and beauty so that you can be fully present and soak up every precious minute with the person who makes your heart beat and the family and friends gathered from near and far to help you begin your happily ever after!

A bit about us...

We are Mark and Annie Danielson, two really nice 50 somethings. This is not our first rodeo. If you care to hear more about our adventures in love, life and business you can check it out HERE. Otherwise, just trust us when we say The St Vrain might be our funnest business to date!

A few things we love...

We still madly love each other after 30 years of raising kids, beginning and building businesses together and weathering a few of life's storms.

We love helping people celebrate the major moments in their lives and spent 20+ years creating products to help people remember the things that make their heart beat! More about that story HERE.

We love good food and wine and sharing it with good people. Ok- truth be told, Annie loves cheap white cake with Crisco frosting and Mark loves popcorn with red wine.

We love travel. We love our quirky dog, Sam. We love a good story. We love a Negroni at the end of the day. We believe that love is the glue that holds us all together and when our love runs low, we believe capital L Love fills in the gap between hearts. Oh, and we should mention that we love our kids and that they are through college all on someone else's payroll! We'd best stop at that.

PS We'd love to meet you!